Dr Pippa Letchworth and Dr Sarah Woldman presented two papers at this year's RCOG congress in South Africa.

Pippa presented the results of our improving teamwork trial, which showed a 25% improvement in Clinical Teamwork Scores during Massive Obstetric Haemorrhage trials.

Sarah presented the results of our Neonatal Resuscitation trial with medical students. This compared performance and confidence of medical students directly after training with similar measures 7 weeks after formal training. At the 7 week follow up testing, candidates in the MedNav group were more confident at performing NLS with a mean confidence of 5.35 compared to 2.39 and task completion of 10 out of 12 key tasks versus 6 out of 12 for the non-MedNav cohort.

Both of these trials show the benefits of MedNav in training and simulation environments.